taking it easy

take it easy

“taking it easy” is something that’s hard for me to do. even when I’m on vacation or waking up on a sunday morning, it’s hard for me to justify a slow start to the day, relax, or just refrain from doing much. in my mind, there’s always something to do that can help me be more productive, so even if I’m not at work, I could be getting things done. now that I’m on maternity leave, this issue of mine has become especially apparent. I’m always stuck in between wanting to do things to prepare for le bebe and needing to rest (or, honestly, having to rest if my body just can’t handle all the activity).


so what’s a woman to do? follow sophie’s lead, the bonafide resting queen. sophie loves to rest, which includes laying about, sleeping, closing her eyes, and doing nothing. she does this as much as possible, wherever she is. she sleeps in as long as she can, takes naps throughout the day, and overall takes very good care of her body. and instead of feeling guilty for resting, I can bet that she feels completely fine living life like this! so when you know you need to take a chill pill and rest, channel your inner sophie and get that resting in, it’ll make a world of difference.

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