sunday prep

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you guys, how do saturday and sunday seem to fly by so very quickly?  every weekend, I swear time flies faster than it does during the work week.  but as much as I want to savor the weekend on sunday nights, I know that preparing for the week ahead on sunday nights serves me better for the whole week.  some people prefer to wait until monday morning to start getting organized (and I’ll admit, I do that once in a while), but I hate the frantic feeling of rushing to get everything organized on a monday morning.  they’re generally really hectic anyways, so why not smooth things out a bit?


to start, I try to get the house cleaned up and organized.  a clean house clears my mind and keeps me calm and focused.  it’s not clean very often, but I like to pull it together on sunday night after a fun weekend.  getting laundry done, dishes cleaned, and groceries bought are my favorite ways to get ready.  bonus points for prepping C’s food for the week and making a list of the things we’ll need to order or pick up at the store.


I use my calendar to plan nearly everything (visits with friends, work meetings, workouts, etc) so checking in on my calendar(s) helps me make sure I don’t forget something. I use Google calendar to schedule everything so that it syncs across my laptop and phone, and I create various calendars within that to separate things like workouts and work meetings. I also use a paper tab for the week that lays out my tasks by priority. I’m kind of a freak at using calendars and it works great for me.


I clean up my email inboxes and desktop. I’m one of those people who loves an inbox zero, so I take time to unsubscribe from providers that fill up my inbox and read up on any emails that I need to catch up on.  I add to my to-do list while reading through emails so that I don’t let anything slip through the cracks. I also delete a lot of files off my desktop from the week before to free up space and clear my virtual desk.  Changing up the desktop picture once in a while keeps things fresh and fun for the week ahead.


as much of a bummer sunday nights can be, they can also help get me excited for the week ahead and feel less frazzled as I jump into it.  so get at it, pull your weeks together better by preparing ahead of time and embracing prep time.

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