stuff sophie says: be an observer


it’s been a long time since sophie has given advice here and this piece of advice is something I’ve seen her practice almost daily – be observant. sophie rides the underground train every weekday, twice a day to get to the office with me. some days the train is jam-packed and other days there’s room to breathe. either way, sophie is usually on my lap or under the seat. the whole way through, she’s akin to a quiet statue. it’s kind of funny, actually, to see her basically act as a stuffed animal and sit completely still for 24 minutes. the thing I appreciate about this behavior is that she’s entirely absorbed in watching everything else. she’s not distracted by other things (hi, iPhone) and is completely immersed in the moment, allowing herself to watch and learn from what’s around her.


being in the moment and observing your surroundings is a useful and smart way to live life. all too often we’re stuck staring at screens or checking off to-lists, when we’d really benefit from looking up and absorbing the moment. observe the world around you, who knows what you can discover.

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