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a while back, I was doing research on various startups and came across one that struck a cord with me – ThirdLove, a company based out of San Francisco and focused on making life easier and simpler for women by giving them the right bras. you read that right, a bra company 🙂 at first, I thought “man, I wonder how many bra companies there are like this out in the world”.  but the women behind the company have been thoughtful and driven, and who doesn’t love a pair of focused entrepreneurs like that?


founders at ThirdLove


I followed the company over the last 6 months, always tempted to try out their fitting system, and I finally tried it out a month ago after my own slew of #brablems.


trying out ThirdLove was timed perfectly with me coming back to work after maternity leave. I’d been away for a while and with my changing body, I needed something that was going to get the job done and keep my focus on work. I ordered one with the misconception that it would likely not fit (in my opinion, trying out bras is akin to trying out jeans – it takes forever to find something that works!). but shockingly, the bra fit me perfectly and I was pumped to start wearing it. I got a 30 day trial to see if it worked for me and after a few days of wearing it and not noticing it, I knew it was a good match for me.


you see, if you can’t focus on your work while you’re in the office, you can’t do good work. having high quality clothes and pieces that feel good, function well, and make you feel ready to tackle anything are very important in your overall mindset. for those of you looking to update your closet, I’d highly recommend trying ThirdLove out. they’ll work with you to eliminate your daily distractions and get focused. and as every sister should know, having something that fits right is an absolute must.

courtesy of ThirdLove

I’ve also found their blog useful and interesting, especially this good reminder on how to unwind after work. not all product blogs are worthy, but this one writes thoughtful and relevant content that I think is worth a look. here’s to eliminating distractions and conquering the world! And if you’re looking to revamp your closet, you can use the promo code BRABLEMSTL15FEB 🙂

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