snacks at the office

I love snacks. for some reason, I think a lot about snacks and I’m always thinking about what creative and cool snack combo I’ll come up with. and while some of us have awesome options at the office, others don’t. below are a few go-to’s that I rely on to keep going and avoid the “hangries”.


stuff you can make at home and schlep to work:

banana bites (they include chocolate chips, so I don’t know how you can say no to these)

energy bites

mexican corn salad (leave the dressing on the side until go time)

hard boiled eggs: it goes without saying, be mindful of the smell!


stuff you can make with what’s provided at the office:

greek yogurt and granola: I love to grab a coconut yogurt (chobani is my fav) and mix in a tablespoon or two of granola. the protein keeps me full and happy

banana toast: if you’ve got bread, nut butter, and bananas (or apples), you can make yourself a tasty and fancy toast.

veggies & hummus: the world’s easiest snack if you have these two things in your office refrigerator

“pretend” ice cream: I get after my sweet tooth by combining the following things together: plain greek yogurt, peanut or almond butter, chocolate chips, granola or coconut flakes


snacks you can buy that won’t make you feel terrible:

dried seaweed: surprisingly tasty and satisfying

kombucha: I’m pretty obsessed with this solid drink and it’s a good gut check 😉

trail mix: a reliable go to, just make sure to portion it out so you don’t eat the whole bag like I do

oatmeal packs: add hot water and Voila! you have something warm and tasty.

string cheese!! need I say more?

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