settle the f*** down

settle the f**k down


if any of you know me personally, you’ll know that I’m pretty intense when it comes to being great at stuff. I have a natural desire to be great at everything I do and it takes serious and continuous effort on my part to keep myself relaxed if I’m not the best of the best. even funnier, I like to tell myself I’m cool with being less than “best”, but I’m usually not. whether it’s learning how to make my baby giggle the loudest or how to increase my productivity at work, I want to be the best!!


but here’s the problem with always striving to be the best – you will always fail. it’s impossible to be the best or perform at your greatest at all times on everything. no matter what (and much to my own dismay), something will always be subpar. think about this a little more. have you ever had your life going absolutely perfectly all at once for more than 6 hours?! likely not. if working out, work, and house keeping is going swimmingly, your relationship isn’t. if your relationship, work, and house keeping is going well, your working out isn’t. it’s physics, people!


and you know what? this is ABSOLUTELY FINE. I’ve spent the better part of the last week trying to figure out how I’m going to ‘get it all done’ and ‘get it done well’ until tonight. I’ve had a challenging last few days and as I rocked the babe to sleep, I realized how wonderful life really is. everything I’d worried about all day came into better focus and I stopped freaking out about it all. I could hear the reasonable me saying “settle the f**k down”, and it couldn’t be more true.


settle down, don’t sweat everything at once, and make sure to take note and celebrate all the cool things you do. if there’s stuff you want to do but can’t find time for yet (hi, working out! I miss you!), don’t worry, you’ll figure it out eventually. take it easy, take care of yourself, and take it one step at a time, realizing that nothing will be perfect all of the time. settle the f down, you got this.

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