setting a limit

set a limit and rest up

most of us (especially if you’re reading this blog) enjoy crazy busy lives filled with lots of work, personal commitments, and aspirational activities. and as much as I believe doing a lot makes for a happier person, there’s a limit to that. if you do too much for too long, you burn out. but if you set a limit for yourself while still allowing for the enjoyment and completion of all the things you’ve got going on, you’re much more likely to enjoy life.


sophie sets limits for herself all the time, but her most distinctive one happens at home. almost every evening, after a walk and dinner, she takes herself to her bed in our bedroom and snoozes most of the night. it’s rare when she stays out in the living room, awake and hanging out with us. and as weird as it is for a dog with separation anxiety to purposefully choose to stay away from us, it’s also a great lesson in setting limits for yourself so that you can continue being the best you. go ahead, set some limits and don’t feel guilty about it.

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