reacting selectively



for most of us, the world is full of both really amazing things and an abundance of stressors. the stressors come in all shapes and sizes and it’s pretty amazing to me how quickly a small stressor can turn into something much bigger, whether it’s made a bigger deal by someone else, or by you. and unfortunately, reacting to all of the stressors (think getting upset, snapping, losing focus, etc) can be a major hinderance on your overall happiness and productivity.


thankfully, there’s something you can do about it the impact of unnecessary stressors. react selectively. don’t allow yourself to react to every single stressor that comes your way. do like sophie does and pick and choose which issues and stressors you’ll react to so that you can save energy and continue moving forward. sophie could react to every stressor she encounters, like an aggressive dog on our walks or the mail man delivering letters, but if she did, she’d be one unhappy pup. so when your colleagues come to you with their drama or want to dump extra stressors on you, or if your daily commute becomes a miserable and stressful experience, pick and choose what you’ll deal with. some things we can’t avoid, but we can avoid some stressors and doing so will make all the difference.

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