Interview: Kathlyn Hart, Online Marketing Consultant & Motivational Coach



Traffic is, for most of us, an extreme annoyance that extends into our daily lives. But for Kathlyn Hart of Hustlyn Hart traffic is a thing of the past and absent from her current work commute. Hart, who started her career out in Southern California, amidst the chaotic and suffocating traffic, was looking for more. At the time, she was working as a non-profit manager by day, and then eventually, taking on a second job at a sushi bar by night. But after weeks 60+ hours of work each week, she decided that there was a better and more pleasant way to build her career. Kathlyn quit her jobs and moved in with her parents, scraping and saving every penny until she had enough to travel.


Through traveling, Kathlyn explored what it was that she could give back to the world. She visited a slew of countries including Bali Indonesia, Thailand, India, Nepal, and Hong Kong. She picked up web design jobs as she traveled and turned mediocre websites into beautiful spaces for small business owners. With little previous experience, she built her skills from the ground up. Being brave enough to take on work that you don’t necessarily know how to do is one of the traits that I admire so greatly about Kathlyn. It takes grit and guts, and good work ethic, but it’s also the best way to grow a career and move outside of your comfort zone.


Kathlyn’s work paid off, and when she and her boyfriend moved back to California, they set up shop in a San Francisco loft. They’re working towards scaling the business and continuing to create awesome online spaces for their clients. And now that her work as an Online Business Marketing Consultant is going well, she’s taken on a really cool new role as a motivational life coach and speaker. Specifically, she wants to help other women find their passions and interests in career. She’s focused on people who feel stuck in both life and career, and will begin to share a series of podcasts she’s recording around women who’ve made the leap from 9-5 to self-employed!  And frankly, this sounds perfect for a lot of us, no? I for one, completely understand feeling lost and confused about what you want to do. In fact, that’s a normal part of growing through your twenties (and every decade after that), experimenting with different roles, and finding what it is that truly moves you.


What gets me excited about Kathlyn though, is her ease and charisma, sure to inspire anyone of us to be true to ourselves and make something that matters. As soon as I met Kathlyn, I could see what a genuine person she is. Her positive energy beams through at every turn, which is hard to come by in the middle of the city with daily stresses.


Check out Kathlyn’s website here, and don’t forget to connect with her on social media where she’s sure to inspire you!
Connect with Kathlyn: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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    Yennie, I had such a great time getting to sit down and chat with you. I LOVE what you are doing, keep it up girlfriend! Coffee again is a must 😉


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