Interview: Carrie Smith of Careful Cents

Interview with Carrie, Careful Cents

Once in awhile, I meet a person who makes me feel like the world really is full of awesome people that help others for a living. You know the kind – work hard, be nice, and make others feel like they can do anything they want. Back in college, I started a consulting company to help pay the bills and get some work experience. It was tough and way more mentally challenging than I’d ever expected. After graduating, I continued growing the business until I was ready to take a break and take on a new challenge. As proud as I am of starting a company so early, there are some things I wished I’d known. Things like setting up a retirement fund, earning more, and automating work. Enter Carrie, founder of Careful Cents, who helps people who want to run their own businesses, run them better.


Careful Cents was started on the idea that everyone can start their own business if they know how to move past the initial financial burdens. Carrie, who’s now been running Careful Cents for several years, learned piece by piece, how to run her own company. But she didn’t learn how to do this the usual way. She learned through hard work, tough times, and grit.


Carrie started her career out as a 22 year old accountant, married, and a mortgage with two cars. Everything was going well, until one day it wasn’t and Carrie was facing financial burdens brought on by a brand new divorce. So Carrie, alone and with mounting debt, set out to solve her problems. She took on several jobs, lived in a rough neighborhood, and looked for every possible way to dig her way out of debt and live independently.


Slowly but surely, Carrie busted through her debt. With careful planning, she finally started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And with all of this hard work, came valuable knowledge. And with that knowledge, Carrie started a blog. She built the blog from the ground up, focusing on the financial aspects of building a business. She created forums and groups where people could ask questions, compare notes, and learn how to succeed. With her advice columns and consulting, Carrie has been helping people all over the world start their own businesses.


Careful Cents is growing, with strong followings across social channels and safe, private groups where people can speak openly about their struggles. The company is helping people figure out what they want, when they want it, and how to make their lives better by following their own passions. Carrie turned her life experiences into a way to help others, and she inspires me to do more, explore, and pass on the good vibes.


Check out Carrie and Careful Cents on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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