the importance of morning routines

photo cred: Rob Bye


you’ve heard me say over and over how obsessed I am with productivity and getting shit done. it’s like some sort of drug, propelled by to-do lists, pretty notebooks, and the desire to get things done. since having C, my productivity has gone and up and down faster than scary rollercoaster. now that I’ve been back at work for 6 months, I’m finally starting to get the morning routine down. though it’s nowhere near the kind of productivity I had pre-kid, it’s starting to feel pretty effective. but before I jump into what our morning routine (notice how I said “our”?! haha) looks like, here are a few disclaimers:


  • kids change so frequently, “routine” is always changing
  • not every day is the same and some days, we suck a little
  • some mornings call for completely non-routine things, and that’s okay too


our mornings go a little something like this:

5:45 – 6:30am: C wakes and we eat breakfast, getting our backpacks ready for the day

7am: playtime and showers

7:30am: change into clothes and take sophie out for a walk (if we’re early or have had a rough night, we take a deliberate walk to buy coffee and pastries đŸ˜‰ )

8:30am: drop C off with childcare

8:45am: get myself all the way ready, put crap away at the house and run to catch the train


the above schedule is a little like playing roulette – you win some, you lose some. not every night goes well, nor does every morning. knowing and accepting this is so important. but overall, I’ve noticed that there a couple of things that keep me centered and happy in the mornings.


1. prepare as much as possible the night before: this is THE most important thing to getting our mornings in order. washing bottles, prepping food, and laying out clothes help me focus on the more fun parts of the morning. I’m also less of a mess when I know I’ve done everything the night before. bonus points for having the house partially cleaned, but that’s usually a dream đŸ˜‰


2. kid entertainment: as C grows, I keep a stream of entertainment tools for her while I run around and get ready. right now, the walker is my best friend since she’s crawling around and getting into all sorts of trouble when she’s not in it. lord help me when C starts walking. I also do searches on pinterest around fun play ideas that are age specific. #pinterestsavesme


3. automate everything: my nespresso makes coffee in 60 seconds. the tasty food pouches and over-ripe bananas are a life savor breakfast for C and make it easier for me to sit and eat with her for a bit. I have 5 shirts in neutral colors and I wear them every weekday.


4. when shit hits the fan, throw the routine out: sometimes, things go crazy and our mornings are a mess. on those days, I get C ready as quickly as possible, put my hair in a bun, blast some good jack johnson on the speakers, and we go for a walk to get coffee and get some fresh air. it’s usually a perfect way to turn things around and take a break from the usual routine.


that’s a quick recap of our mornings, and as you can see, they are never the same. but we try to keep some routine some of the time because it helps keep our shit together so much! here’s to happy mornings and getting shit done.

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