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Oh lovelies, it’s Friday already! The week has flown by, just as quickly as California allergies invaded my body and took over my head 🙂 Seriously though, I’ve never had such terrible allergies before, I feel so messed up and slow and everything else that’s somewhat miserable. All I want right now is to feel awake and ready to take on everything!

Anywho, it’s now the weekend so I should probably take advantage and rest. I don’t have too much scheduled besides a nice dinner with friends and a 10K training race with my awesome coworkers (crossing my fingers I feel good enough). What are you all up to? While you think…

– sometimes, big companies are amazing and do beautiful, simple things 

can’t stop staring

adorable wedding video from a new perspective

– I would like one of each please

– tempted to update my linen closet to these only

I die.

funny perspectives

– I’ve fallen victim and want one real bad. Now I just need a house.

found this while searching the term “peace”. 
this post is dedicated to those lost in this Boston’s tragedy.

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