getting big things done, little by little


can you believe it’s summer already?! I’m kicking off the first post of the summer with my 800th post to date on this blog! that’s a lot of words, a lot of struggle, and a lot to celebrate. in fact, it feels surreal to me that I’ve already written 800 posts here on the lily honey life. but if I take a look back and ask myself how I did it, there’s just one answer: little by little.


if you know me, you know that I like to set big, audacious goals that seem daunting. but what you might not know is that I like to attack those goals with tiny steps versus big undertakings. for example, I didn’t set out to write a 6 year old blog with 800 posts. instead, I focused on creating a high quality blog with for working women. I figured that the best method to getting to creating that high quality was by routinely setting aside time to work on the blog and to write. not necessarily hours and hours a day, but a little here and a little there.


when you set tiny goals for yourself like writing 10 minutes a day, every day, it seems too easy not to get started. easy things are hard to avoid – giving an excuse not to write for 10 minutes a day doesn’t really fly. if you really want to achieve something big, think long and hard about what your strategy is and what your goals are. then, break those goals into chunks. once you have the chunks, break them down into smaller pieces until they’re so small, you can’t help but do them.


so much is possible, little by little.

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