doing the unconventional



sophie’s got a funny way of completing hard tasks. for example, I took her along on a hike with my colleagues today. she’s been on many hikes and is always a trooper. but, she’s also learned how to swindle her way out of working harder than she wants to at certain points like steep hills and difficult terrain. she stops and refuses to walk (on the leash). so, sometimes I pick her up if I think she might have a point in the difficulty (read pokey rocks or really steep/dangerous steps). but most of the time, I just take off her leash and continue walking without her, often times saying “come on, Sophie, let’s go!” and surprisingly, she comes willingly. in fact, she walks much better off the lease than on it, and rarely stops.


the lesson here is that as much as you’d think she needs a break or a helping hand in seemingly hard situations, she might actually just need some space and a little push through the hardest parts. we all face challenges every day, and some are harder than others. be it a hard workout, a challenging project at work, or a personal situation, life isn’t easy. and as much as a helping hand is often the way to go, going it alone and doing something unconventional to get through that challenge is sometimes the best way to get it done.

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