do it for the endorphins

why you need to start exercising now {thelilyhoneylife}

Life has a way of getting in the way of what we should be doing for ourselves. Specifically, I’m talking about exercise. It’s so easy to let working out fall by the way side when you’ve got too much of a workload or when you’re exhausted from long days. Sophie’s verdict – don’t let yourself lose out on exercise!! Whatever you do, keep moving. Why, you ask? Because of those freaking endorphins everyone loves talking about. When you get moving, your heart starts pumping and your body produces feel good hormones. So, when Sophie goes for long walks or plays with her neighbor friend, her endorphins start pumping and she’s a happier pup. When she’s down or seems more needy, we try to take her out on long adventures or walks and she’s as good as new afterwards. Sometimes, a little movement goes a long way. Here’s a few ways you can sneak some movement in all day long:

– Use a small mug for water and get up to refill it every time you empty it

– Do squats when you brush your teeth

– Don’t walk around the house, lunge around it (this is a hilarious scene, believe me)

– Play a 10-15 minute HiiT video when you’re done with work, like this one

– Wait until the last second to catch your bus and then run to catch it (only half kidding)


Happy moving!

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