create your consistency

sophie the rescue dog


life is never consistent. or at least, not all things in life are consistent at once. when everything is going well with most things, there’s always one thing that isn’t up to par. but, with careful consideration and organization, you can create your own consistency that is reliable and comforting no matter what life throws your way.


sophie creates her own consistency by doing one simple thing every day. after her evening walk, she takes herself directly to bed. literally, as soon as we walk in the door, she makes a beeline for her bed in the bedroom. this cracks us up because she’s a very social and needy dog, so it’s odd to us that she purposely removes herself from the rest of the household at her own “bed time”. still, it’s something that she does every single night. with consistency like this, I think she’s able to deal with other stresses much more easily. she can rely on herself to create her consistency no matter what her crazy dog parents might be doing on a particular night. and with simple consistencies comes peace and calm! what’s the consistency you create for yourself?

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