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sophie, as of late, has become quite the recluse. it might be a partial attribution to le bebe being added to the family, but I also think it might be because she needs some time to relax and reflect. she sleeps often, enthusiastically eats, and leisurely takes her walks. I’m a tiny bit worried that she might be bummed out at our temporary new schedule, but I can also see the benefit to her in taking time out to really rest up.


seeing sophie do this got me thinking about how I rest up. usually, I like to take a few days off to relax – which often means riding, getting chores done, and perusing websites and places I don’t normally have time for. hilariously and true to my own character, I don’t ever fully “relax” and just do nothing. in fact, I’m not normally happy like that. but now that we’ve got le bebe, everything has slowed wayyy down and I have very little time to get all of the things done that I’m use to accomplishing in one day. as shocking as that can be for me, I’m also realizing that I’ll probably never have this time again to just hang out with my girl and care for her. life is often full of responsibilities, with little time for the most important things. so for now, sophie and I are going to be focusing on one thing at a time and enjoying life’s blessings before we have to hit the accelerator again.

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