be persistent


sophie’s taught me (and hopefully all of us) a lot over the years.  recently, she caught me off guard with a hidden lesson.  as she’s gotten older, she’s become bit more sensitive to my own well being.  specifically, she very quickly picks up on any stress I might be experiencing and immediately moves closer to me, demanding my attention.  this is super cute, but can also become very annoying if I’m either not ready to cuddle her or don’t want to show my cards about how I’m feeling.  this happened a few weeks back and as much as I wanted to be annoyed by it, I tried to let it go.  a few minutes after she moved closer to me, she started tapping me on the leg with her paw.  and when I asked her to stop, she paused all activity for a few minutes, and then resumed tapping me until I gave in and cuddled her.


here’s the lesson – be persistent and keep on reminding the people that matter, that you’re still around.  remind them that you’re there, that you’re loyal, and that you’re not going anywhere.  if you continue to do this, you will be the first person your boss thinks of when a cool new project comes up, or the first person a friend calls when a free ticket becomes available.  I’ve never been comfortable being persistent, in fact, it makes me squirm.  but over time and with practice, I’ve learned that being a consistent presence is extremely important in career growth and personal advocacy.  step up for yourself, keep remind them you’re there.

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