baby essentials: working mama 101

in the 13 months that le bebe has been around, I’ve learned a ton about being a mom, raising babies, and working a full time job at the same time.  there’s so much I’ve learned and not nearly enough time or writing space to record what I’ve seen so far, but here’s one part to a series of posts I’ll be doing on being a working mama.  most of what I have below is really a bias list of things that make my life better with le bebe, and it can vary a ton based on the type of baby you have.  but I’ll preface each thing with why I like it.



  1. baby carriers: solly baby wrap + baby ergo carrier

I’ve LOVED both of these things.  le bebe has always preferred carriers over strollers and she has loved both of these. the solly baby is best for young newborns, we used ours from newborn – 5 months, but she’s also on the petite side.  the ergo is fantastic and we use it all the time.  we can carry her in the front, facing out and back, or on our backs.  again, she’s pretty petite, so at 13 months we still use it regularly (she’s 19 pounds), but heavier babies might be hard on the back. (p.s. don’t forget the infant insert for the baby ergo!)


  1.  nordstroms onesies + nununu clothes

surprisingly, these onesies from nordstroms are insanely soft and I love to use them as layering basics around the house and out on the town.  nununu clothes are also fun and soft, and have a sort of sass to their designs that I like.


  1.  robeez moccasins

they make the cutest shoes!  plus, they’re easy to slip on and off, are comfortable, and easy to pack away.  I use these almost every day and make getting le bebe ready before work a breeze.


  1.  boon bottle warmer

once le bebe finally took the bottle, this became a lifesaver for our picky baby. it’s a one step process and looks nice on the counter.  we bring this on trips too!


  1.  aquaphor + noodle & boo lotion

if your baby has sensitive skin, this combo will do the trick.  aquaphor is perfect for diaper rash and cuts, while the noodle & boo lotion is high quality, thicker body lotion for dry skin. this is the only lotion that works for us.


  1.  joovy walker

this was one of our favorite toys!  it’s perfect for babies who are sitting up and curious about moving around.  we used this nonstop, and besides the fact that it looks pretty, it also was a safe place to keep the baby while getting ready for work in the morning.


  1.  boppy pillow

a friend recommended this and it was a lifesaver for le bebe from newborn through 5-6 months. it’s perfect for babies that aren’t rolling over yet and super comfy. I used this a lot for le bebe when I showered in the morning before work.


  1.  little giraffe blankets + jellycat stuffies

these are by far the softest blankets and stuffed animals.  le bebe is obsessed with these and I can’t lie, I love hugging them too.


  1.  hanna andersson pajamas

tired of pushing together dozens of snaps for bedtime?  these pj’s have you covered, and with a rotating set of patterns, you’ll never get bored.


  1.  hatch baby changing table

for the techies like me, this thing is awesome.  it syncs up with an app where you can record diaper changes, feedings and the like.

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