4 podcasts for learning on the go

hello astute readers and apologies for the long silence!  it turns out that working at a startup and being a mama to a toddler keep one quite busy.  nevertheless, I think of you all often and finally had a minute to write while in flight to a conference #amentoairplanes.


a few of you have been asking about how to stay on top of learning while maintaining a very busy calendar.  based on my own commute and schedule, I’ve found that one of the most effective ways to maintain learning is through podcasts.  thanks to a huge surge in the availability of podcasts (and the technology that goes with them), there are so many that can fuel you up and leave you feeling well informed and thoughtful.


I have a long list of podcasts that I subscribe to, and I’m often editing them as I hear about new ones or stop listening to old ones.  I’m in the tech space, so I especially love podcasts centered around the topics I spend the most time on, as well as some completely off the charts, strange ones.  these are the four that I go to most often:


20 Minute VC:  this is by far, the podcast I listen to most often. they’re short and to the point, and harry stebbings is great at being direct and energetic.  I don’t love all of the guests on the shows (especially the over-the-top boisterous ones), but I just skip over those and listen in to the ones that peak my interest the most.  I’m also very impressed that he can maintain 3 new shows per week!


girlboss radio:  sofia amoruso is back! and with a vengeance.  the founder of nasty gal has formed her own brand, girlboss, and with her new website comes the resurgence of the podcast as well.  it’s new, but very good.


hbr ideacast:  clear, concise, and interesting.  this podcast is nearly always discussing something of value and I love the plethora of guests they have on the show.


a16z:  managed by the infamous venture capital group, I like this one for its poignant point of view and in depth analysis. some of the discussions can get a little dry, but there are many that are pretty great.


so there you have it, those are my go-to podcasts!  when do I have time to listen to them, you ask?  mostly on my commute to and from work, as well as sometimes on the weekends while I clean the house.  it’s good for my overactive brain 😉


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