“why not me” by mindy kaling



have you ever written a love letter to someone you’ve never spoken to? after reading mindy kaling’s latest book why not me, I’ve fallen even more madly in love with the comedian turned actress turned superhero. why not me is a perfect rendition for any women who’s wondering whether or not her body image thoughts are similar to others, or for anyone who’s had a few dates with someone seemingly magical, only to find out they’re a loser just like the others. so here’s my love letter to mk:


dear mindy,

you are, by most standards, and according to your book, an average woman. but to me and so many others, you are the voice for women all around the world. you speak the truth even when it hurts and you settle a woman’s soul with just a few funny jokes. from a career standpoint, I have an undying respect for your hard work and seemingly impossible schedule. until now, I thought I was pretty busy. but after reading what your normal day looks like, I plan on celebrating every one of your future successes with a bottle of champagne. you’re a workaholic and I kind of love it. I also love the fact that you explain your success not by glossing over the gross, ugly parts of working hard, but by carefully explaining them with no shame whatsoever.

when it comes to love, your story reminds me of my own experiences, and likely that of many other women. as a kid, and sometimes still as an adult, I have had this idea that there is a prince charming out there for everyone and that the ideal man exists. but your story and that of my own put those misconceptions to bed pretty quickly. I’m okay with that. in fact, your recount of love reminds me of something so much more important than prince charming – the constant and much more important female sisterhood. men come and go, but good friends never do.

and lastly, thanks for the reminder that anyone can go to hollywood and look the part. this was perhaps the most important reminder to anyone feeling down and out about their looks and their ability. in fact, your point that “most average Americans are just a treadmill and six laser hair removal sessions away from looking like Ryan Reynolds” is a perfect illustration that we’re all just people. people filled with hopes and dreams, battle scars and sleeping problems. and really, the only way to fix that is to work on self confidence.

thanks mindy, you’re much more important to today’s woman than you know.


you can learn more about mindy’s latest book here

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