are you goal oriented?


now that the new year is upon us, the interwebs are full of suggestions on new years resolutions and dreams for the future. I use to think these were kind of corny to partake in, especially because everyone else was doing them and honestly, most fall through in the first few weeks of january. but the more I get to know myself and my eagerness to achieve goals, the more I like this idea of new years goals (not so much resolutions as goals – it has a better connotation to it). I like the┬ábenefit of using the “newness” of a new year to motivate you to push a little harder and reach a little farther.


do you have any new years goals? do you make annual goals and then work towards them throughout the year? or do you hate running your life for goals and skip the whole thing altogether? I think having goals can be a very good thing, but only if the right person is working towards them. say for example, you like to go with the flow and you’re happy with where you’re at. you like to achieve things, but you don’t gain a ton of energy off of completing something. if this is you, goals might not be as motivational as they are for others. and that is totally okay! don’t pressure yourself into doing something that doesn’t fit your personality.


if you do, however, gain energy off making and completing goals, all the more power to you. they can be tiny goals like making sure you’ve got an automatic delivery of toilet paper every week (true story, this is one of mine), or doing 10 push ups per day. or, they can be big like getting a promotion or finding time to work out three days a week. if you’re like me, having a mix of small and large goals throughout each week, month, and year help tremendously in focus and overall happiness. if you do choose to have a set of new years goals, I highly suggest placing them in a visible spot so that you can review them frequently. I like to use Pinterest boards for this, or paper lists because they can be transported with me.


whether you’re goal oriented or not, having a few attainable achievements in mind throughout the year keep you focused, happy and forward thinking. happy new year and happy goal setting!

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